Updated Answers On Clear-cut Methods In [topic:keyword]

Updated Answers On Clear-cut Methods In [topic:keyword]

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Surveillance in Silicon Valley is hard to avoid

Those videos typically are stored in the Sheriff’s Office database for five years, and can be accessed by the deputies who shot them, and their supervisors. The problem, say privacy advocates, is that all kinds of people come into contact with police, including many who are never suspected of any crimes. So lots of innocent people could be caught up in a police database fed by face-recognizing body cameras. The body cameras could turn Skiptrace into a “massive mobile surveillance network,” EPIC’s Scott said. And body cameras aren’t privacy advocates only concern when it comes to police surveillance systems. The San Jose Police Department and Alameda County Sheriff’s Office each have half a Skip Tracer Professional dozen license plate readers mounted to patrol cars. Alameda County uses them to identify vehicles that are stolen or wanted in connection to crimes or missing person reports.  Deputies also can use the plate readers to track a suspect’s movements, Kelly said. But he played down the privacy implications. “If you’re not committing a crime, and you’re a law-abiding person,” he said, “then we don’t care where you go or what you do.” Privacy advocates aren’t convinced by such reassurances. Even law-abiding citizens can end up on a terrorist watch list, gang database or other list that could make it difficult to travel, get security clearance or pass a background check, or may affect their immigration status, they say. “When you look at massive amounts of data on a particular individual,” Scott said, “it becomes easier and easier to find something that looks suspicious even if the person has done nothing wrong.” Drone: One, grounded pending FAA licensing. Body cameras: All full-time, full-duty patrol officers wear them.

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